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Doe Deere in UNIF sunglasses.




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No such thing as ‘over the top’


1. Start off with clean brow
2. I line the bottom and top of the brow, leaving some space in the front to blend out.
3. Fill in the brow
4. Fill the front of the brow with whatever product is left on the brush and blend out the brow completely
5. Outline the brow with concealer and blend.

The products I used:
Makeup Forever Aqua Brow #10; neutralizes the color
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Gel; makes the mix malleable for longer
Anaastasia’s Hypercolor Lash and Brow tint in Ultra-Violet; for the color and vibrancy. 
I mix all three together on the back of my hand, but not completely so the whole mix doesn’t dry out before I’m finished. I mix a little at a time. 
Concealer; Miracle Skin Transformer. You can use anything but I use it because its easy to blend and the color is so light its good for highlighting.
Brush; Sephora brand pro angled liner #22 for brows and concealer.

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